Height : 174
Date of birth : 05 October 1992
Clothing size:XS/S/34-36

Shoe size : 40
Hip : 84
Waist: 60
Bust: 75
Color Hair : brown
Color Eyes :brown- yellow- green
Origin : Eurasian / French 
Hobbies : fashion / art / creative
Dancing, horse riding, singing, painting , photography, visual art

  |Commercial | Fashion | Editorial | Acting | Dancing

Luna is a multidisciplinary artist; model , former dancer, choreographer, image/film director  and painter.

 Her sensibility, her creativity, her knowledge, linked with her passion for movement, details, precision and aesthetic give her the capacity to direct image toward her own enrique vision.

Growing up as a wild child, riding horses and living in a teepee, bare feet in the French faraway nature; Luna come from a very different universe than our current modern world and grown far from all stigmatism and preconceived social ideas and codes. 

She is a dreamer than shows a strong sense of humanity and empathy, a high sensibility that can be taken as weakness by some, but a strong personality that makes her climb mountains. She is a humble and respectful person that wants to offer her best to the world.