Height: 178 cm 
Date of birth :  25/02/1997
Clothing size : 38
Shoe: 40/41
Taille:  69cm
Cupsize: 75B
Hip: 111
Waist : 69cm
Bust : 89cm
Color eyes : DarkBrown
Color hair : DarkBrown
Origin : Angola / Congolese

            |Commercial | Fashion | Editorial | Runway

                           "Three beautiful girls stand in front of me but i only have 1 picture in my hand, and that photo represents the girls that are still in the running of becoming ANTM'' - Tyra Banks 

                    ''Ever since the beginning of season 1 of America's Next Top Model (ANTM) I have always secretly wanted to be a model. And                           although that show showed me that there's nothing wrong with diversity, I never thought that i could pull it of because of my                       weight. I am not your typical size zero model and trust me when I say that I have tried to become that. But today I can honestly                          say that I'm proud that I don't have those genes in me and that I am curvy. As I began to accept this I started looking for                             agencies who celebrate diversity in every single way you can imagine and would accept me as I am. Thankfully i came across                                                DMA and it has been such a great experience so far. For the first time I truly feel seen and valued by an agency so                                                                                          I'm proud to say that I am apart of the DMA Family''.


April 2024


Diversity Fashion Week SS23

Magdenburg 2023