We offer a platform for all shades & shapes and unique features.

E M B R A C E Y O U R B E A U T Y!


Is it possible to rock the runway when you are disabled?


Whether the model is missing an arm or leg or they have to use a cane or wheelchair, we embrace your beauty.

Diversity Model agency offers that platform for everybody with unique features! If you are interested please send us an email : info@diversitymodels.nl and we are happy to help and offer you guidance and support.


Send us a variety of photos, including a close-up of your face and a photo from head to toe with a clean background.

After your submission we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Besides this form we also host various open casting calls a few times per year. We always announce this via our website and social media platforms. Sometimes it is not possible to get back to everyone after their application so please do not feel discouraged and try again at our casting calls so we can meet in person.

Here at DMA, we work with transparency and integrity to ensure the safety and security of models and applicants at all times.

Please note that individuals can abuse our name to target those seeking model representation by impersonating our brand.


We as a agency will never ask for:

- Payment request to become a model
- Nude or lingerie photos


If this happend to you please contact us directly via this form or by mail.

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Shkola Yelyzaveta
12 days ago

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I would like you to consider my profile

23 days ago

I was a photo model for two years, to date I have joined several agencies as an actress model, sporty and determined I have just completed an actress training to be more efficient in the proposed missions.
Looking forward to joining you for a new experience

Akshara Rajagopal
2 months ago

Ik ben opgewonden om met jullie allemaal te werken. Ik heb al verschillende foto's gestuurd en ik heb over je gehoord. Ik hou van modellenwerk en ik streef ernaar om acteur, zanger en meertalig persoon te worden. Geef me alsjeblieft een kans.

Paweł Grzegorczyk
2 months ago

Im looking forward to have a interview in person!