Height : 1,74
Date of birth : 13/11/2001
Shoe-size : 40
Clothing size: 36 - 38 (M)
Hip :109
Waist :75
Bust : 80
Color eyes : Dark brown
Color hair: Black / Brown
Origin : Surinamese

Commercial | Fashion | Editorial | Runway



The entire serie will be launched first week of Januari 2022!

Whitin my series of global warming and rising sealevels Bangladesh has the most difficult challenges .Annually floods are damaging many villages and during the chaos many wonen are sexually attackt.

Fresh NEW Shots

Fashion stylist: Funkstar by Earta Van Varsseveld @earta_varsie
Muah : Randy Tinewaah @randyTinewaah
Photo: Saskia Bogarde @saskiabogarde


Styling Houda / Make-up and hair by Fashionablestylist SS

Photography Marcel Schwab

Casting Photos

Photography Marcel Schwab


- Bfashionacadamy show 21' 

- Pointsmade Fashionshow de steiger 21' (Photos follow soon)

Bfashionacadamy show @bart.graph