The concept started a few years ago when Co-owner an International model Sensemielja experienced the lack of diversity and unity in this business.  Together with Daisy van der Veen & Marcel Maximiliaan Maximiliaan Schwab they shared the same vision and goals.


Is it possible to rock the runway when you are disabled? ABSOLUTELY!!

Whether the model is missing an arm or leg or they have to use cane or wheelchair, we embrace your beauty. Diversity Model Agency offers that platform for everybody  with unique features!


Every other week we give Catwalk and posing classes in the studio of Marcel Maximiliaan schwabs in Amsterdam. Here we come together with the models and focus on the important key points to support them in their carreer of becoming a professional Model.

The People Behind DMA

Diversity Model Agency NL since 2018

Daisy is an upcoming video/photographer and Co-owner of Diversity Model Agency.

The concept started long time ago, together with her partner she decided that it is time to put words into action. Also known as the right hand of Sensi, she is handeling our administration , emails and for all your questions regarding our models, jobs, or interested in various collaborations you mostly will run in to her. She is handling all the incoming emails, helps with content and loves to make videos.

Daisy : " I love to engage and connect with people from all over the world. After working for several years in the tourisme and recreational industry I have build up various contacts national and international and gain a lot of knowledge of people's culture and behaviors. This is also something that inspired me to dig deeper in this industry and be more creative. There are so many talented people out there that need to be heard and seen. Therefore one of our missions is to change the current reflection of people in the media and fashion in to a more wider and diverse representation. In this business it is important to have good relationships with your clients and I am always here to answer any questions. Besides that I also love making videos in which I'm always eager to learn more. "

Sensemielja is a international TOP model and entrepreneur.

She is the Founder and Ceo of Diversity Fashion week and

Co-owner of Diversity Model Agency. Known as a international model and entrepreneur, she gained a lot of experience with her international career for many years. The concept for DMA started a few years ago with her partner in crime to embrace more diversity in the fashion industry. As a black model herself she saw that there was not much room for other kind of models with unique features. A change had to be made. Besides modelling she also gives catwalk training for everybody who would love to pursue a career in modelling. This is also implemented in our own organization. She's been in NYC representing amazing designers and training the models worldwide making them ready for the Fashion Weeks. Her creativity does not stop there and also is the founder an publisher of Pulse Magazine and is the art director for Be goes Magazine by Rene Frese. In 2019 she was the proud catwalk coach of the pageant "Miss Amsterdam" and the year before that in 2018 she was participating in becoming one of the finalists of Miss Amsterdam, and won the title of "Miss Social Media 2018."


DMA stands for Diversity Model Agency, we offer a platform for everybody with unique features. The name says it all our mission is to become the iconic model agency for all shades, shapes and people with disabilities. Everybody deserves a fair chance to shine on the catwalk and in the media industry.


Fashion & Glamour


Marcel is one of the Co-owners of DMA. He is no stranger in the world of fashion. His pictures are seen everywhere and was approached by the organisation Miss Grand Netherlands and started as their exclusive photographer. During this project they visited various locations in The Netherlands and made beautiful photo's.  Besides that he is the profesional photograper for BAROQCO Jewelry. Together they go for international trips and shows.


Photography became his passion and is seen at  various shows in the fashion world. Marcel has studied for IT Manager but his passion for fashion was undeniable, and owns his own studio called 'Pro Photoshoot. In the past he organised various fashion shows in the Rai and the Pasar Malam together with his businesspartner.