Daisy is an upcoming video/photographer and one of the owners of diversity model agency.


The concept started long time ago, together with her partner and decided that it is time to put words into action.

Also known as the right hand of Sensi and contact person for models, media , assignments etc.

She is handeling our administration , emails and is there for all your questions.

During DFW she will make sure everything is set and ready to run smoothly. Team work makes the dream work..

Professional photographer .

Marcel is one of the co-owners of DMA


DiversityModelAgency. He is no stranger in the world of pageants. His pictures are seen everywhere and was approached by the organisation Miss Grand Netherlands and started as their exclusive photographer. During this project they visited various locations in The Netherlands and made beautiful photo's.  also he is the profesional photograper during the Miss East Africa.

Photography became his passion and is seen at 

various shows in the fashion world.

Marcel has studied for IT Manager but his passion for fashion was undeniable, and owns his own studio called 'Pro Fotoshoot'.

In the past he organised various fashion shows in the Rai and the Pasar Malam together with his businesspartner.

Sensemielja is a international TOP model and entrepreneur.

She is the FOUNDER and CEO of Diversity Fashion week and co owner of Diversity Model Agency. She started this concept a few years ago and there is a whole team behind it. Besides modelling she also gives catwalk training for everybody who would love to pursue a career in modelling. Shes been in Newyork representing amazing designers and training the models worldwide and make them ready for the Fashion Week, she is the stylist and art - Director by be goes fashion magazine powered by Rene Frese..

This year she is the proud catwalk coach of the misses of miss Amsterdam 2019.  In 2018 she was participating in becoming one of the finalists of Miss Amsterdam. That was a amazing journey and  she has won the title of Miss Social Media 2018. After this experience she started DMA with 2 other companions. DMA stands for Diversity Model Agency and offers a platform for everybody with unique features. The name says it all and their mission is to become the iconic model agency for all shades, shapes and people with disabilities. Everybody deserves a fair chance to shine on the catwalk.