Pronouns : She/Her
Height : 1.68m
Birthyear : 2002
Clothing size: 40

Shoe size : 39
Bust: 98cm
Waist: 98cm
Hip: 110cm

Ethnicity: Congolese
Lives in Belgium
Hobbies : Football

|Commercial | Fashion | Editorial |

"I was born with Albinism so I knew that as I grew up, the world would see me differently or just wouldn’t see me at all. People like me aren’t seen or acknowledged enough in today’s society. We are often forgotten, which might be one of the reasons that there aren’t many of us to see, nowadays, in the public eye. If I had to count how many famous people with Albinism I know, I wouldn’t even pass 5. That is one of the reasons I started modeling - to spread awareness about Albinism and to show people that we don’t just exist, but also belong in this society."