Height : 153
Age : 24
Shoe-size : 36
clothing size:XS
Bust: 86
Waist: 82
Hip: 62
Color Eyes : Hazel
Color Hair : Black

Commercial | Fashion | Editorial | Runway


The best of @vogueitalia - CHARLOTTE

📸 @kellycatches
Styling by the @theotherdoriangray
Hair and makeup by @anhnguyaen

CHARLOTTE. @dotted_dots
Project by @elisabethva
Photography: Elisabeth van Aalderen
Makeup & Hair by: @xiuyun.yu ‘Shades of Pale’

#VITILIGO ; This is her story. Charlotte got her first vitiligo marks when she was 16, which she is extremely proud of. Unfortunately people seem to think its normal to cuss her out, insult her, and compare her to a cow. Bullying and teasing occurs more often than we think, so amazing and talented photographer @pipgraphy made this series as a statement against bullying.

Amazing shots and concept by :@pipgraphy
DMA Model: @dotted_dots
Courtesy DMA. model agency Amsterdam, the Netherlands.